Case Study - Keep up the work

More To Me


Employee Assistance Programme


Employee Count:
3 Employees

HR, Human Resources

Service Plan purchased:
Done with you appointment booking

Likelihood to recommend

Customer Support

Quality of Service

About the company:

More to Me brings together a set of solutions designed to address what has become an epidemic across the globe – mental health and wellbeing issues.

For those in the workplace, the issues not only affect their personal everyday life, but also their productivity and how they relate to their workmates. For employers, the loss of workdays can have a negative effect on their bottom line.


Their Painpoint:

More to Me wanted assistance to reach their desired target audience, HR Directors and Executives in big organisations in the UK with 200-500+ headcount, and book sales appointments for them.

Our Solution:

We provided an appointment booking service under the Done with you Startup Pro service plan, reaching out to their ideal target clients at scale, attracting interest and securing leads for their business, to take over, and handle themselves at building relationships and setting appointments.

The Results:

In 3 months of working with Newson, they had generated 24 high value meetings with their ideal clients, with one high lead value being worth £80,000.