Case Study - Keep up the work

H&W Marketing agency


Lead Generation, Website Development and Brand Development


Employee Count:
1 Man Band

Marketing & Advertising

Service Plan Purchased:
Done for you appointment booking + sales closing

Likelihood to recommend

Customer Support

Quality of Service

About the company:

H&W Marketing Agency helps companies to generate leads, close sales and boost customer retention. They focus on the bigger picture to help your business be the best it can be.

Their Painpoint:

H&W Marketing agency was a 1 man band new business venture with limited time and bandwidth to dedicate to sales and new business development. H&W lacked experience in closing deals and wanted an expert to help grow their business.

Our Solution:

We provided a full sales service that included sales lead generation and deal closing. We researched prospects for the agency to target, created the engagement messaging, managed the campaign, responses and appointment setting and then took the sales call.

The Results:

In our first month alone, we closed 2 new clients and over a 6 month period had generated them 15 new clients.