Case Study - Keep up the work

                   Perform With Pleasure

Perform with Pleasure


Stress and Relaxation Coaching


Employee Count:
1 Man Band

Coaching / Well-being Training

Service Plan purchased:
Done for you appointment booking

Likelihood to recommend

Customer Support

Quality of Service

About the company:

Perform with Pleasure offers performance coaching designed for champions.

They teach senior executives and entrepreneurs to turn stress into their competitive advantage to ignite their next level of success with the mindset and hypnosis strategies used by professional athletes to become world champions.

Their Painpoint:

Perform with Pleasure wanted assistance to reach their desired target audience, Top Level Executives in the USA and book sales appointments for them in their calendar.

Our Solution:

We provided a fully managed appointment booking service under the Done for you Startup plan, filtering their ideal target prospects, reaching out to their ideal target clients at scale, attracting interest and securing meetings with busy executives for their business.

The Results:

In just 2 months of working with Newson, we were able to book consistently on average 4-5 meetings per week with their ideal clients. So they could work on building relationships with those clients and closing the deal. We also booked an appointment for them with the VP of Coca Cola.