Case Study - Keep up the work

Smart Apps London


Web development and App Development services


Employee Count:
5 Employees

Web/ Software development

Service Plan Purchased:
Sales Closing

Likelihood to recommend

Customer Support

Quality of Service

About the company:

Smart Apps is an Award Winning Custom App Development By Leading UK Developers based in London. Bespoke iOS/ Android apps to fit your needs. Secure solutions for all businesses. They quickly turn ideas into profitable apps.

Their Painpoint:

Smart Apps wanted assistance in closing deals. They had hundreds of leads per month but no one with experience in sales, their team was formed of tech guys. Their challenge was sales; they needed someone with experience to handle the sales calls, negotiate with the lead, build a relationship and close the deal for their software development company.

Our Solution:

We provided a fully managed sales closing service under the Add-on Sales closing plan, handling the sales calls, with leads that had left an enquiry on their website and their AD forms, to build an app.

The Results:

In 12 months of working with Newson, they had closed over £355,000 worth in revenue generated in 13 closed deals.