Case Study - Keep up the work

So Creative


Web development and social media marketing

Kent, UK

Employee Count:
5 Employees

Web design and Social Media Marketing

Service Plan purchased:
Done by you appointment booking

Likelihood to recommend

Customer Support

Ease of use

About the company:

SO Creative provide carefully considered, bespoke marketing and luxury design solutions tailor-made to your needs. They strive to be strategic, smart and special. Working tirelessly to ensure exceptional quality of thought goes into everything we do, they take great pride in challenging both ourselves and the language of the design industry to produce work that consistently stands out.

Their creative design agency team has always been small – and that’s the way they want it. They only work with people we gel with and on projects they like, making for an open, more rewarding process and ultimately better results. 

Their Painpoint:

So Creative wanted more leads for their inhouse BDRs. They had 3 inhouse BDRs and wanted more leads and meetings booked for them to close. Their challenge was leads they needed more interested prospects to talk with, so they came to Newson for support.

Our Solution:

We provided our sales engagement software and support in training their BDRs to effectively use and maximize the results of using our platform independently to generate leads.

The Results:

Month on Month, they were reaching 1500+ new ideal clients per month in their target market, generating 4+ meetings per week to increase their sales closing volume.