Case Study - Keep up the work



Part time CFO Consultancy


Employee Count:
3 Employees

Financial / Management Consultant

Service Plan purchased:
Done for you appointment booking

Likelihood to recommend

Customer Support

Quality of Service

About the company:

WrightCFO are more than a bookkeeper or your accountant. They look at your business as a whole and provide the financial insight to help you manage it better. Moreover, they work in partnership with you and your finance team to make your business more profitable. In turn this will help you achieve your long-term goals and keep – or regain – financial control.

Their Painpoint:

WrightCFO was a 2 man band with limited time and bandwidth to dedicate to sales and new business development. WrightCFO wanted more scheduled appointments with interested prospects for their service.

Our Solution:

We provided a fully managed appointment booking service under the Done for you Startup service tier, focusing on their ideal client profile of 1-50 size companies, based locally around Central London and Kent.

The Results:

In 12 months we generated over 240 meetings for their service with their ideal clients which amounted to 20 meetings per month.