How to make a LinkedIn campaign on

Hello Newsoners, 

The first thing we will do is create a target audience on Linkedin. In the search engine type in, for example, a job position you would like to reach out to and then narrow it down by using some or all of the available filters. 

Next step: Setting up the Linkedin campaign on

Click on “Create a New Campaign” and copy your search URL into the designated area in the software. Your Sales Engagement Tool will recognise the type of connection you’ve previously chosen in your research, as well as the type of campaign, so there won’t be a need to do it manually. 

Next step: Campaign Settings

There are several options you can turn off or on depending on what the campaign design has selected for.

  • Select open InMail status if it is an inmail campaign ;
  • Select collect contact info to capture the prospects’ email address and phone number.
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Next step: Campaign Steps

Click on the Outreach steps and copy the messaging into the boxes from the Outreach Step Sheet.

So let’s start this campaign with an “Invite to Connect”. 

After this, click “Add additional step” to move forward. 

Please select how much time after the previous step this Message step will be executed, as well as use the Image and GIF hyper-personalization feature. This will be included in the outreach step sheet.

The next step for example can be a follow-up message that will go 2 hours or 1 day after the first one.

This can be one very basic Simple Sequence. 

I hope this tutorial was useful for you!