Newson plans

Powerful plans made for every customer

Outbound: Lead Generation > Appointment Setting > Sales Closing
Inbound: Appointment Setting > Sales Closing

Attract hundreds of hot leads, appointments and closed sales by targeting your ideal customers on LinkedIn and Email.

At Newson we’ve designed 5 plans to suit every type of customer.

For Outbound this includes software use, lead generation, appointment setting and sales closing. For Inbound, this includes appointment setting and sales closing as you provide us with the leads. Within each plan we’ve multiple levels depending on the level of engagement and expected results you would like to get per month. All levels within each plan contain the same service but more outreach.

More outreach = More opportunities. More opportunities = More $

Type of Plans

Software Plans
Lead generation, Done by you

Lead Plans
Leads supplied to your inbox, Done for you

Appointment Plans
Appointments booked in your calendar, Done for you

Close Plans
Sales closing calls taken with your booked appointments, Done for you

Convert Plans
Your warm leads from outside of Newson, converted into booked appointments and closed sales, Done for you

To get more information on on each plan, check out the information of each on their pages or reach out to our customer support team on live chat.